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Transforming Urban Transport in London

On February 12 and 13, 2019, TUT-POL Director Diane Davis spoke with London-based transport practitioners, elected officials, and urbanists about the role of political strategies and tactics in transforming urban transport.

She presented at "Political Strategies and Tactics for Transformative Urban Change," a public lecture and debate at the London School of Economics, which contrasted experiences with urban tactics linked to social urbanism and transport policy cutting across a range of innovative cities including Medellin, Mexico City, Vienna and Stockholm. As attention in urban development is shifting from the ‘what’ of interventions and desired outcomes to the ‘how’ of facilitating urban change, this event explored contemporary experiences in urban policy and design tactics. It acknowledged that tactical questions such as appropriate timing, communicating key benefits, navigating stakeholders and making use of demonstration projects and experimentation have become a key area of urban leadership and governance innovation.

Professor Davis also participated in "Disruptive Technology and Future Challenges to Mobility and Street Life," at London City Hall, which brought leading urban mobility experts to consider a series of pivotal policy questions for London, including:

• What is the fastest path for delivering on the Mayor’s goal of insuring 80% of trips on active, shared or public modes?

• How will technology develop equity and environmental sustainability in London?

• How will new mobility impact on other urban policy priorities in London?

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