Transforming Urban Transport- The Role of Political Leadership


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Initiative on Cities @ Boston University

On September 27, 2017, the TUT-POL team presented in a seminar entitled, "Getting There: Transportation Vision to Transformative Reality,” hosted by Boston University's Initiative on Cities.

Former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Graham Wilson, a professor at Boston University, co-founded the Initiative on Cities four years ago in an attempt to bring together academics and government officials to talk about topics important to the city.

Katharine Lusk, the executive director of the Initiative on Cities, said the group wanted to learn more about how cities around the country are overhauling their transportation systems. She pointed to Go Boston 2030, an initiative that plans to make transportation improvements in equity, climate responsiveness and economic opportunity in Boston.

TUT-POL Senior Research Associate Lily Song presented project findings on the political strategies and tactics used to advance transportation change policies across TUT-POL case studies. She also interrogated the notion of "transforming" urban transport, examining ranging case outcomes (from one-off policy successes to institutionalization of sustainability mandates in transport and land use planning regimes) as well as potential gentrification and displacement effects of transportation infrastructure investments.

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