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Mobility For All By All

On March 10th, 2018, TUT-POL Senior Research Associate Lily Song spoke with the Creative Reaction Lab's Community Design Apprentices about the role of politics in advancing equitable mobility and access in St. Louis, Missouri as part of the Spring 2018 program. "Mobility for All By All."

Creative Reaction Lab was founded in response to the unrest in Ferguson, MO (August 2014) in the form of a 24-hour design challenge. From the first lab focused on racial inequality and police brutality, all five pitched projects were activated throughout the St. Louis region:  Cards Against Brutality, Connected for Justice, Look Beyond Your Fear Guerilla Art Warfare, Vibe Switch Campaign, and The Red Table Project. These projects ranged from public art efforts to educational programs.

"Mobility For All By All" is their latest 10 week program in which Black and Latinx local college and university students, known as Community Design Apprentices, co-design ideas and approaches to improving local transit with community residents of the Kingshighway and/or Fairground neighborhoods of St. Louis.

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