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Presentation in Tallinn

TUT-POL Senior Researcher Lily Song and Harvard GSD Assistant Professor of Urban Planning Andres Sevtsuk gave a presentation in Tallinn on "The future of sustainable transport and urban development in Tallinn," which were followed by a panel discussion with a member of parliament and someone from the city government. The event was co-hosted by the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts at a very popular cultural venue (https://www.visittallinn.ee/eng/visitor/see-do/sightseeing/pid-177447/tallinn-creative-hub-kultuurikatel).

The presentation brought about a rich discussion among attendees and there was an overwhelming consensus among the urban planning and design professionals that Tallinn needs vast transformations in transport and land use planning to counter car dominance and sprawl. There was also a panel discussion on how to push changes in the absence of strong leadership at the local level (where TUT-POL presented the case study cities: Seoul, NYC, and Paris--which all had mayoral leadership), which discussed the role of political parties, civil society, and the private sector in driving policy changes as well as the dire need to broaden the conversation in ways that speak to the transit-dependent urban poor/working class.

Other links from the event:


A clip from the city TV channel: http://www.networkdata.eu/ttv/videos2/tallinna%20linnaplaneerimine%2022_12.mp4


TUT-POL PowerPoint:

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