Transforming Urban Transport- The Role of Political Leadership


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Meeting of the Minds Webinar

Yesterday TUT-POL Project Director Diane E. Davis and Senior Researcher Lily Song presented "Political Strategies for Constructive Change," findings from our research project, in a live webinar hosted by Meeting of the Minds.  

In this webinar, Professor Diane Davis and Senior Researcher Lily Song shared findings from TUT-POL case studies of New York’s urban streets initiatives, Stockholm’s adoption of congestion pricing, and Seoul’s combined highway demolition, bus system overhaul, and urban regeneration while discussing political conditions and processes explaining implementation successes. In particular, the presentation will highlight the use of data and evidence (e.g. GPS data, polling data, voter trends), public engagement and communication (e.g. public outreach campaigns, voter referendum, working committees/public task forces), and organizational and policy management in promoting implementation of urban transport policies intended to challenge car-centrism and change mode-share while also fostering mobility and environmental aims.

Below is the video recording of the webinar and the PowerPoint slides are also available on our site.

Antya WaegemannComment